What are few Healthy Desserts for Kids?

Children love desserts. They like to eat sweet and they like to do it a lot. It’s really good to see your kids eat and enjoy every bit of it but there is a common concern which asks you about the food being healthy or not. It is a pretty genuine concern and should be addressed very smartly.

Particularly, in the case of desserts, care should be taken that we are not saturating the bodies of our kids with unwanted sugars and leading them to obesity and different health related diseases and issues.

Keeping all this mind, there must be a way which renders the desserts healthy for the kids and provide them with essential nutrients needed for their proper growth. Thus, we have compiled a list of healthy desserts for the kids. Have a look at it!

  1. Apple Pie


An apple pie with a thin crust on it is perfectly healthy for the kids and brings smiles to their faces. It contains the essential nutrients to make their bodies healthy.

  1. S’mores


These are the love of kids. Make sure to take care of the serving size and ensure the use of healthy ingredients while making these for the kids. You would want to make your kids healthy and not fat.

  1. Banana Splits

In a general banana split there are approximately 1000 calories. Adopt a natural way of making awesome and healthy banana splits by enriching them with natural ingredients and not just a typical sugar saturated items.

  1. Banana Bread

It is one of the healthiest desserts out there. Containing the delicious taste and health benefits packed in a banana, it is one of the best methods of incorporating a healthy fragment to the diet of your children.

  1. Creamsicles

Do not adopt the general way of making creamsicles by using conventional sugars and additives. Be simple, squeeze fresh juice, mix it with yogurt and honey and freeze it. Don’t forget it to enjoy it, once it’s done!

  1. Pecan Bars


Pecan bars which are healthier than the Pecan pie should be preferred. The healthy grain provides the body with all the nutrients in needs.

  1. Carrot Cake

Having all the healthy attributes of the carrot. This can be a really healthy dessert provided that it is made via all the healthy ingredients and nothing unhealthy like sugars and additives.

  1. Chocolate Cake

It is a really good dessert but the problem is that it contains a lot of sugars and additives. Make it with the right ingredients and your children will get the right amount of nutrients complemented by the awesome taste that chocolate has.

  1. Strawberry Milkshake


This is one of the most loved desserts but packed with so much calories that it most likely to make your kids obese. Rather than using the typical sugars and additives, ensure the use of fresh and healthy ingredients to get most out of this tasty dessert for your kids.

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